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The Problem with Wearing a Cape in High Winds

Some days it's not a great day for wearing a cape! Went for a hike today in the rather beautiful Seoraksan national park. Let's just say it was more than a little bit windy at the top of the mountain!…
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Cycling in a Super Typhoon in Korea

It’s not all smooth cycle paths and sunny weather (and ridiculous dancing)… Sometimes it’s a whole lot of uphill, in the rain…and there’s a super typhoon hurricane coming! 😱 7ContinentsWorldCycle #WeCanAllBeHeroes We’ve raised over £7,000 for @Parkinson’s UK so far…
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SuperCyclingMan Gangnam Style in Seoul

Before I left Seoul to cycle across Korea, there's just one last thing I had to do with a little help from some friends! #GangnamStyle The 7 Continents World Cycle continues... 🚵🏻🇰🇷😃
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SuperCyclingMan is now in Korea on his 7 Continents World Cycle! 🚵🏻😃🇰🇷

Super kind people and beautiful cycle paths in South Korea.. . Something tells me I'm going to enjoy myself cycling across Korea over the next few weeks! 😃🚵🏻🌏 I'm raising money for Parkinson's charities around the world with my world…
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Thank you Parkinson’s UK!

Hi! My name is SuperCyclingMan and I'm cycling 100,000 kilometres across all 7 continents (including Antarctica!) in a superhero costume raising £1 million for Parkinson's charities around the world. I'm also visiting schools all around the world inspiring students with…
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SuperCyclingMan on TV in Vietnam 😃🇻🇳🚵🏻💪🏼

GOOD MORNING TV VIETNAM! 🇻🇳 So, I got on TV in Vietnam 😅 HUGE thanks to the family I've been staying with in Hanoi for the last few days for sorting this, to the English language school in Hanoi for…
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“So… Why are you Cycling Around the World in a Superhero Costume?”

A couple of weeks back, when I was cycling out of Ho Chi Minh City heading for Hanoi, a lady sat on the back of a motorbike taxi pulled up alongside me filming me on her mobile phone and started…
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SuperCyclingMan “The Computer Game” is Here!

I'm visiting schools every day this week in Ho Chi Minh City - so much for a rest week! Went to the British Vietnamese International School today. What an amazing place! Some students even designed their own SuperCyclingMan computer games…
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7 Continents World Cycle
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“How do you celebrate your birthday on a solo world cycle?”

Well, I won't be forgetting that birthday in a hurry 😃 Ate a birthday cake with some new Thai friends, swam in a beautiful waterfall, slept in a bargain bike-themed hotel...oh, and did some cycling too! 🚵🏻🌏 This 7 Continents…
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Thanks Clare Balding (and Hello from Thailand)!

I'm raising £1 million for Parkinson's charities by cycling for 7 years across all 7 continents - a world first. Please help me smash this total and donate to Parkinson's UK at
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Where ON EARTH are you SuperCyclingMan?

"Where are you SuperCyclingMan?" "Is everything OK?" "Is it true you have married your bike?" This video from this morning will answer at least two of these questions that have been emailed in recently 😃
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How many High 5s can I get in 2 minutes? ✋🏻😀

I'm visiting schools all around the world during my 7 Continents World Cycle. This school called Dulwich College in Singapore had a special treat in store for me on my way out at the end of the day 😀
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After 2 years of cycling 35,000 kilometres all the way from London... is this the end of Asia for Super Cycling Man? 7 Continents World Cycle
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Thai monk tells me great joke!

Got a good joke of your own? Please send it in a comment below.
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