Calling all Schools

Vienna school

This bit is mainly for teachers, school children and their families, but anyone can have a look.

I am trying to engage as many schools and families as possible with my 7 Continents World Cycle. It’s basically like a gigantic geography lesson except the teacher is not in the classroom, he’s on a bike going around the world.

On my website I’ve got a LIVE map that shows exactly where I am. Have you seen it? It’s even got photos on there that I have tweeted along the way.

A school teacher in Essex recently sent me a photo of a display they’ve put up in school…

SCM display

The children get to stick pins in the world map as I pedal around the planet. I think that’s a great way to get involved and join in with my adventure.

Alternatively, you and your school can keep track of my journey through my blog posts. Pupils can also ask me any question they would like.

If you’re a teacher/adult and you would like your school to get involved and you have a question, you can do the same too and ask here.

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  1. Chodder,
    Great stuff and very much enjoying reading/watching you pedal around the world. When you get to Singapore, firstly, some and stay with us as long as you like and secondly, I’d love to line up some local and international school visits.

    Happy pedaling.


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