How carrying fridges and rugby balls inspired me this month.

I get inspired by all sorts of people around the world taking on various challenges. This month these stories have really stood out for me:


Felix Leckie (12 yrs old)

You’re 12 years old, it’s the summer holidays, what do you do? Well, if you’re Felix Leckie, you cycle several thousand miles across Europe from Slovenia to England and raise a load of money for charity in the process. Quite rightly Felix has been getting a load of support from the public. Stephen Fry has been tweeting about him and I love the fact that he was also carrying a rugby ball around with him on the back of his bike!

By pure magical coincidence our paths crossed in the South Tyrol area. We had lunch together and I left totally inspired that a 12 year old was doing such a thing in the summer holidays and hats off to his father too for spending some serious quality time with his son. As I write, Felix is just a few hundred quid short of his £10,000 charity target for the Children’s Bereavement Centre. Can you help him get there by donating a few £s on his JustGiving page?

Enda O'Doherty carrying fridge

Enda O’Doherty and his fridge

I love this story about a man (Enda O’Doherty) carrying a 60kg fridge for over 9 days covering a distance of more than 9 marathons to raise money for charity. People like this make me feel sane! Read Enda’s story here.

Superhero bike promo pics from italy

Are these the best posters ever?

Thank you Twitter for telling me about these fantastic posters spotted in Italy promoting cycling. Everything (especially cycling) is definitely better in (superhero) fancy dress!

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