Arriverderci Wayne!

So, one final dinner (of kings) for Wayne and I. Pizza and beer last night by Lake Garda. Gourmet! And one final wild camp together. This time no irate farmer potential as we found a quiet spot by a river near the lake.


This morning we zoomed round Lake Garda thanks to a stonking tailwind. We dropped by the Aril River – the smallest river in the world (good to know for pub quizzes!) in Cassone (sorry about covering the C in the photo -below) and said goodbye to each other in Garda. Or rather ‘arriverderci‘ as we may meet up again on the east side of Italy.


Carried on round the lake on my own. Popped into LIDL to stock up on fruit and grab some lunch. A lovely Dutch lady and her son stopped to chat with me about what I was doing and gave me some money “to buy some mosquito repellant”. Amazing how the Dutch hospitality continues even in Italy.


Cycled south on towards Lake Montova and met up with a group of 5 Italians on their bikes. We rode together to Montova and after posing for an obligatory “super selfie” one of them gave me some of his left over sandwiches for my dinner. What a hero!


Off to pedal a few km out of town now before sunset to find somewhere quiet to wild camp. Heading towards Parma and Pisa over next few days. Remember, you can follow me every mile of the way LIVE  on my map?  Of course you do!

Buena serratta a tutti!

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