Hier ist mein plan fuer Deutschland!

So, tomorrow, the plan is to cross over the Dutch/German border and wind my way for a couple of weeks along miles and miles of the River Rhine on a nice-looking cycle path called the EV15 The Rhine Cycle Route.
I’m hoping to see plenty of old friends along the way and make plenty of new ones too, so if you have any friends en route, get in touch and maybe I can pop by and say hi/grab a sandwich or a place to stay for the night…


If you can help me organise a school visit (schools break up really soon over here) anywhere along the way that would be truly SUPER!!!
I haven’t even left the Netherlands yet, but just writing this am already missing the wonderful, friendly, cycle-loving Dutchies… and your chocolate sprinkles.

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  1. Great! You arrived in Strasbourg despite the heavy Lunch in Hügelsheim 😛

    Greetings and all the best for the kilometers to come,
    The Hügelsheim Kebap-Crew


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