SuperCyclingMan GOLD Wristband Bundle



Look totally SUPER and help support me on my £100,000 fundraising journey around the world with a SuperCyclingMan Gold wristband bundle.


Buy the Super Gold Bundle to receive your pack of 50 blue wristbands and 1 limited edition gold wristband. Perfect for schools, shops, pubs, bars, restaurants and groups who would like to help promote my fundraising challenge.

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Buy 50 blue bracelets and get a limited edition gold bracelet FREE!

Only 500 of these sparkly gold bracelets have been produced and they will only ever be available in limited quantities.

The idea is that you buy 50 blue bracelets for £50 and you would eventually get your £50 back by selling the blue bracelets to friends and family. So, I’m basically looking for your help in selling the blue bracelets, so you’d be like a SuperCyclingMan salesperson!

For every 50 blue bracelets you buy, I’ll send you a gold one free to say thanks for your help in getting more people involved in the adventure, raising more money for charity and keeping me pedalling round the planet.


They have taken nearly 6 months to produce

They have a the word “hello” in 15 different languages on them

They have a world map showing the 7 continents I aim to cycle across – great for improving your geography skills!

They have a funky SuperCyclingMan logo on, some colourful cyclists and the hashtag #WeCanAllBeHeroes

They have 4 press studs on, so you can change the length of the bracelet so it should fit the biggest and the tiniest of wrists.

They even have a tiny (but incredibly clever) microchip inside that will take you straight to my website when you place it on your smartphone or tablet (not Apple devices sorry!)

….a nd they cost just £1 (plus postage and packing).

Apart from looking awesome and hopefully keeping people engaged with my record-breaking “7 Continents World Cycle” the best bit about the bracelets for me is that they will raise money to help keep me pedalling  around the world and will also help raise money for the charities I aim to raise £100,000 for. The bracelets cost around 50p to produce, so the remaining 50p profit will be split 50:50 between the charities I am supporting and keeping my world cycle going.

They may only be little bits of rubber, but these wristbands could well end up being the key to me raising my £100,000 charity target and keeping my world cycle going, so they really are pretty super!


Postage and packing costs

The wristbands will be delivered to you in the post by my mum and dad, so please allow up to 28 days for delivery, although we will try and get them to you far sooner than that.


Within UK Between 1 and 4 = £1.99

Within UK Between 5 and 49 =£4.99

Within UK Between 50 and 99 =£9.99

Within UK over  100 = £14.99

Rest of world between 1 and 4 = £3.99

Rest of world between 5 and 49 = £6.99

Rest of world between 50 and 99 = £11.99

Rest of world over 100 = £16.99

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