1. go super cycling man go! Great stuff!
    I hope you are well and keep on going !☆
    and take care of Susie too!

    1. I am feeling better again! 😀 Suzie is doing well too. I gave her a clean and a new chain in Hanoi 👍🏻 We are now in Ha Giang heading to the border with China 🚵🏻

  2. Hello Super Cycling Man! Year 1 at JB School here!

    We hope you are enjoying yourself and not too tired! Well done for saving money for Parkinsons- you’re doing a brilliant job!

    Remember to drink lots of cold water!

    Love Year 1 (and Millie) 🙂

    1. Hi JB Year 1s!

      Thanks so much for your message. That put a BIG smile on my face 😃 I have been drinking a lot of cold water every day for the last few months as the last few countries I have been cycling through have been super hot! I am now heading north(ish) from Hong Kong to Japan and I hope the weather won’t be as hot.

      Hope you’re all well and you’re doing something heroic (like being kind or helping the environment) each day. Send me an email to hello@supercyclingman.com and let me know what heroic things you’ve been up to!

      Stay super and enjoy your last few weeks in Year 1.

      SuperCyclingMan (and Dave the Worm)

    1. Thanks for getting in touch. I loved coming to speak with you at your school. I’m now in Taiwan. It’s such a beautiful island and I’m really looking forward to cycling around it over the next few days! SCM

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