I Just Cycled from London to Bangkok… in a Superhero Costume!

I just cycled from London to Bangkok...in a superhero costume!

A 4 minute video summing up what it’s been like for the last 2 years cycling from London to Bangkok…in a superhero costume!

I’d REALLY appreciate it if you watched it, shared it with your friends and subscribed to my SuperCyclingMan YouTube channel as I’m making new videos from my round the world bike ride all the time.

Thank you so much for all your support so far and helping make it such a fun adventure. I feel extremely lucky to be living my dream, but if a man in a pair of superhero undies can do it, ANYONE can turn their dreams into reality*

Leaving Bangkok tomorrow, heading south to Singapore.

The 7 Continents World Cycle continues…


P.S SUPER BIG High 5 for anyone who SHAREs this video with your friends. It’s only a 4 minute video, but it took around a week to squash 2 years of cycling into this short 4 minute video #SuperSlowVideoMakingMan

And you never know, it might end up leading to me visiting a school in some other part of the world, or someone making a donation to the charities I’m raising money for…….or just put a smile on someone’s face 🙂 Thank you please.

SuperCyclingMan / Will

IMPORTANT MUSIC CREDITS: SUPER BIG thank to the Plain White T’s for their version of Song 2 and to James Everingham for the music at the end http://jameseveringham.com/

*you may have to work hard for it, but I think it’s worth it

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