1 year of cycling around the world DONE! Only 4 more years to go! :-) #7ContinentsWorldCycle

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On May 31st 2015 I set off from London for a 5 year long, 100,000 kilometre bike ride that will take me across every continent on the planet.

Did I mention that I’m dressed up in a slightly ridiculous superhero costume (I’ve given myself the name of “SuperCyclingMan”) for the whole time?

I’m raising money for charity and visiting schools all over the world to hopefully inspire a few children along the way by talking about how “We can all be heroes”.

On May 31st 2016 I celebrated one year on the road. I made you this special birthday video while cycling across the Kazak desert.

Thank you for all your support this first year and for coming along with me on the adventure of a lifetime.

Stay super!

Will / SuperCyclingMan

P.S If you would like to make a donation to help me towards my £100,000 charity fundraising total, you can donate online at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/SCM

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