SuperSpecialOffer of free books for schools

Did you know, any school that buys 50 SuperCyclingMan bracelets will receive a set of all 4 Jonnie Rocket adventure books absolutely free?!?

The stories are written by Star Wars actor John Chapman and are beautifully illustrated.

Buy 50 bracelets get 4 JR books free

There’s no limit to how many sets of free books a school can claim for every 50 bracelets they buy.

One school in Georgia just ordered 150 SuperCyclingMan bracelets so they will receive 3 free complete sets of the Jonnie Rocket books – one set of books for every 50 bracelets they ordered. So that’s 12 free books they can enjoy in the classroom and add to their school library!

Please forward this to any teachers you think my be interested in this offer.


SuperCyclingMan / Will

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