Calling all schools! Fancy taking your classroom around the world with SuperCyclingMan?

I’ve now visited 19 different schools on my way from England to Georgia on my world cycle.

7 Continents World Cycle In 1 Picture copy

School visits are without a doubt one of the best bits of this adventure.

My normal school visit looks a bit like this…

A 30 minute assembly (often whole school)


followed by individual class visits where they children can have more time to ask questions or hear me the read the story “Max” that started this whole super cycling adventure…

Reading Max

I’m very keen for a visit not to merely be a listening exercise and try to keep the children busy and actively engaged by producing some work relating to my trip and the #WeCanAllBeHeroes message.

The children can do a variety of worksheets on: designing their own superhero costume (like this child who called himself “WildStyle” as he was good at running super fast)



describing their dreams for the future and what they want to do when they are older, how they can be a hero in everyday life and they can also take part in an art and design competition.

Bike transformation competition

This art and design competition is proving very popular (maybe because there is a prize of a comic book for the best entry from each school!) Essentially the children have to design what their bike could transform into. It can be any object.

So far, we’ve had all kinds of robots, spaceships, machines…even a submarine plane!

Submarine Plane

It’s going to be really interesting to see what children from different countries come up with around the world.

My school visit programme and my 30 minutes talk is evolving all the time, but I feel like I’m doing a good job now of getting children excited not only about following my adventures pedalling around the planet, but also inspiring maybe not all, but at least a few of them, with the idea that #WeCanAllBeHeroes

I’m getting some really good feedback from the schools I visited, but one of the best messages came from a parent who wrote this anonymously on my charity donations website:

“My son was inspired by your visit to his school. He has given 10 Georgian lari (about £3) from his pocket money, which I multiplied by 50. Converted to British money, that’s £143.”

OK SuperCyclingMan…I’d like to get my school involved with your world cycle. What do I need to do?

All you need to do is…Give me 5!

  1. Get in touch! Send me an email at I can answer any questions you have, we could arrange a Skype call, or maybe I could even visit your school on my way around the world as long as it’s not too far off my planned route!
  2. Following and engaging with the adventure coudn’t be easier. Stick up a world map on a wall and start putting pins in it to track my progress around the planet. Or you could take things to the next level and do a whole fancy display!SuperDisplay
  3. Sign up to receive a monthly newsletter filling you on all the main news from the previous month.  If you want, you could even print this newsletter out and add it your world map display…Click here if you’d like to receive my monthly newsletter.
  4. Watch my videos on my SuperCyclingMan YouTube channel, especially if it’s a rainy day and the children are inside for playtime. Or if you are more into reading than watching videos, there are plenty of blogs you can read on
  5. Pupils can ask me a question any time about my round the world bike ride at or via my website at

I hope that engaging with my world cycle will be a fun way to learn about the different continents, oceans, foods, cultures, religions, landscape, wildlife and people on the planet. There may well be some differences, but maybe we’ll find out that we’re not so different from each other after all 🙂

Stay super! And remember…#WeCanAllBeHeroes

SuperCyclingMan / Will

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