I just received my first death threat in Georgia

I just received my first death threat in Georgia…

Just be careful if you come to Georgia.

You may meet people like Okra (see picture below).


Okro has the best name in the world…it means “gold”.

Okro is the boss of the restaurant I’ve been working in for the last few days.

Okro is a fascinating guy. He’s more friendly and full of bear hugs than normal today because he’s a bit drunk.

His friend he has been drinking with since 10am this morning has already had to leave their drinking session after two hours and almost fell spectacularly into a plant pot on the way out…

Okro’s English is dreadful, just like my Georgian, so we’ve been talking through a waitress in the background of the photo, Qety (pronounced Katy).

Okro left school early to go into the army. He damaged his eye during his time in the army – I didn’t push for any more detail than that.

Both he and Qety were keen to tell me that Georgian people are not “wild” – their choice of words.

I tried to explain that “wild” would be the last word I would use to describe Georgians. I would go for “warm” instead.

And I’m sticking with that word “warm” as Okro has refused to let me pay for any of the cups of tea and food I’ve had while I’ve been using his restaurant’s WiFi for the past 5 hours.

He even said, “I will kill you if you try and pay.” And I’m not messing with Okro.

Like many Georgian men, he is built for rugby and his hugs (there have been many) are real bear hugs.

He’s also given me a bottle of Georgian cognac to go home with.

So, I just want to check that over again…

I come and sit at a table in your restaurant, use your free WiFi, toilets, drink your tea, eat your food, you pay the bill…and you give me a free bottle of cognac…


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