These things just arrived in the post for me today to help get me through the Turkish winter. I feel like Christmas just came early.


1) A giant bar of Turkish Delight (this will last around 2 days max)

2) A family photo

3) A absolutely ridiculously tiny stove – thanks to Tim Moss at the next challenge for the recommendation!

4) Two tiny cooking pots

5) A pair of ski goggles – I’m not going skiing unfortunately, but reckon they’ll come in handy as it’s going to be REALLY cold when I head across Turkey later this month

6) A pair of long winter socks

7) A Tshirt I left in Macedonia – I now have 2 T-shirts. This is exciting!

8) A super Water to Go bottle that will let me drink from rivers, taps, puddles, pretty well anything apart from sea water.

9) A funky Garmin action camera that will show my speed, altitude (even my heartrate!) and my smiling, frozen face in future videos

10) A little repair kit for fixing some holes in my bags

and 11) and a rubber bracelet from the nice people at Gruhme (they make aftershave – I could probably do with some of that too to improve my overall smell!). They have asked for a photo wearing the bracelet from every continent in exchange for some food and drink money to keep me going. I’ll do (pretty well) anything for a free kebab and coffee!

I think this is pretty well the ultimate winter care package and my face is pretty well fixed like this at the moment 🙂

Thanks for the early Christmas everyone!

Will / SCM

The #7ContinentsWorldCycle (finally) resumes 20th December 2015 – Turkey to Tokyo


  1. Looks like a Primus OmniLite Titanium, sir. Excellent choice!

    Enjoy the Turkish winter. No doubt the cold will provide yet more incentive for the locals to invite you in!

    1. That’s the one! All thanks to your super (thorough) article comparing all those stoves! It’s crazy small and light. Perfect for reducing my load as much as poss.

      Am hoping the super high levels of Turkish hospitality will continue as it’s going to be ‘hilly and ‘chilly’ cycling across Turkey in Dec/Jan…

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