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Wearing one of my SuperCyclingMan bracelets can’t make you fly or turn invisible (I’m working on this though) but it is pretty darn super…

Hidden inside the SuperCyclingMan logo on the bracelet is a tiny NFC (near field communication) microchip. When you place the logo and microchip under a smartphone or tablet which has NFC (most new devices have this, except Apple ones) it will magically take you straight to the live map on my SuperCyclingMan website, so you can see exactly where I am in seconds…without having to type a thing. Crazy stuff! If you only have Iphones and IPads (check you out!), why not ask a friend who has a compatible device (e.g Samsung, Sony) if you can try out the SuperCyclingMan bracelet on their superior/inferior/equally good device…

If you would like to buy your own SuperCyclingMan fundraising bracelet, you can get yours (for only £1 excl P&P) here.


  1. Will you be going through Vietnam and Cambodia?when?(am hoping to cycle through both countries in November with women v cancer group -would be great if we saw you)

  2. Hello mr.! I’m Niki, one of the students in Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, and it was awesome seeing you today at assembly (usually boring, but i found today’s one interesting due to you). I have one of your super-ultra (awesome song by MDK btw…) supercyclingman bracelets!! Love it!!! Saddly can’t use it though, since my dad doesn’t exactly like Samsung… He only buys Apple’s devices. I mean they are cool, sure, but sometimes not as useful as Samsung or Sony. My mum used to have a Sony experia, but it broke… Have you cycled through Bulgaria? I’m from there! Thanks for coming to our school, it was awesome!

    1. Hi Niki. Really glad you enjoyed the assembly and thank you so much for buying one of my bracelets. Yes, I’ve been to Bulgaria on my bike before I started this round the world trip. Loved it. Beautiful place, great food and friendly people. Couldn’t ask for more! Stay super! Will / SCM

  3. What at you goin To do after going all around the world willyou receive any thing🤓 Early hope you succeed. Q:what has been you Favourite county you’ve cycled through

    1. I hope I will get a hug from my family when I finish cycling around the world! It won’t be an official World Record so I won’t get a certificate or anything, but I don’t really mind as it’s my own personal dream I’m trying to achieve. I would love to set up some children’s cycling clubs when I get home, write some children’s adventure stories and keep on doing more school visits and assemblies too. Favourite country is tough as they’ve all been enjoyable. I love mountains though, so France (for the Alps), Italy (for the Dolomites), Georgia and Tajikistan were super beautiful mountainous places that I loved cycling in. Stay super! Will / SuperCyclingMan

    1. After Vietnam I will go through China to Hong Kong, then Taiwan, more of China, then South Korea and Japan. After that, Australia, North and South America, Africa…and Antarctica!

  4. Hi I’m Ethan,

    I am a kid in Kennedy school and I loved your presentation it was great!
    I wish you good luck and all of Kennedy does too!

    P.S I’m graduating on th 29 th of June in yr6 so Exciting

    Ethan Tam
    Kennedy Student 6A

    1. Hi Ethan! Thanks for getting in touch. I loved coming into your school. Congratulations on graduating. Hope you had a fun day! Keep in touch and keep doing heroic things each day #WeCanAllBeHeroes SCM

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