This is what the Greek border guard said to me when I rocked up at his window on my bike in my superhero costume last night.


I now judge how friendly a country is going to be by the initial conversation with the border guard (it’s been a pretty good guide so far) and the first 24 hours in Greece have been great.

I bought a Greek flag in Thessoliniki this afternoon and now feel “properly dressed” (or at least my bike is) for my next few days heading east along the Mediterranean coast towards Istanbul.


I am staying in Thessaloniki tonight with the grandfather of one of the children I taught 4 years ago at a school in London.


It’s really nice making connections like this. It’s also really good to have a hot shower and some good food after eating cheese sandwiches for dinner and being eaten alive by midges when I wild camped in a Greek field last night 🙂




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