I am now almost fluent in Hungarian…for saying the words “thank you”, “Cheers” and the best thing is “goodbye” is szia, which is pronounced very similar to “See ya!” Even I can remember that!

It’s my last day in Hungary today 🙁

Hungarian money

I’ve stayed with some SUPER nice Warmshowers families the last two nights


SuperPatrick and father IMG_0689

and a bike shop in town I stayed at last night (Baja) did a great job doing some minor repair work to my bike.


On to Serbia today which will be country number 11! Gonna try and get there for lunch.

Only problem is I have to learn the words for “thank you”, “Cheers” and “goodbye” all over again…

But then ‘new’ currency, ‘new’ people, ‘new’ places, ‘new’ words…’new’ is exciting, ‘new’ is GOOD!

I think trying/enjoying something new every day is good. My SuperCyclingMan challenge for you today is exactly that…if you’re feeling brave, let me know in a comment below what new thing you tried today #SharingIsCaring



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