To see a 3 minute video of me eating a chimney cake (or Kürtőskalács as it’s called in Hungary) watch this short video clip here.

It was my last night in Budapest last night. Sure, I could have gone to one of the many spas or taken a boat cruise up and down the Danube, but I couldn’t leave the city without trying a local delicacy called a chimney cake.

The best way I can describe it is like thinly rolled out dough being placed around a rolling pin and then grilled. The best bit comes at the end with what topping you want adding: cinnamon, chocolate, poppy seeds, vanilla…

Dora (the lady/total hero who gave me an entire house here during the last week and a bit) and I went for cinammon and chocolate…and they were both pretty good.

Anyone know if these chimney cakes are available anywhere in the UK? As if nobody else does, I’m opening up a chimney cake joint when I get back home.

Heading south towards the Hungarian – Serbian border now and should cross into Serbia (that’ll be country number 11!) on Thursday morning provided that all border crossings go smoothly, which is not 100% certain as things are at the moment with the refugee crisis.

As usual, you can follow my LIVE map to check my progress (or lack of) at http://supercyclingman.com/index.php/2015/05/31/where-is-super-cycling-man/

Have a SuperWednesday everyone.



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  1. Hi Will, I’m afraid you won’t be the first to open a Hungarian bakery in London. Believe it or not, there is one in North London near Swiss Cottage called ‘The Chimney Cake Bakers’! 😉

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