2 slow-moving creatures carrying everything they need with them

In this picture there is an animal that is travelling steadily but surely from A to B, lugging around everything that they need with them…

…and there’s a snail.

Ha! See what I did there!?

Progress has been very ‘slugglish’ (I can’t help it now) this last week whilst have been staying in a house in Budapest planning the route ahead to Istanbul and beyond. Continent number 2 (Africa) is looming large on the horizon and I’ve got to get myself properly prepared for that.

Will be moving on from Budapest in the next day or two heading through Serbia, Macedonia, Northern Greece and finally getting to one of my favourite cities on the planet, Istanbul, for mid October.

It’s been great to have a bit of time sat on a comfy chair inside going nowhere for a change, but it’s high time I got the shell outta here! 🙂

Will / SuperSnailMan

P.S What animal would you be…and why?

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