Before I pedalled out of Bratislava (very cool city and super nice people), I did an interview with a Slovakian newspaper about my ‘7 Continents World Cycle’.

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what is written apart from the words “Christopher Reeve”, “Brit”, “Will Hodson” and “38”, but it was a load of fun mucking around for some photos 🙂

SCM in Slovakian Paper


SCM in Slovakian newspaper

SCM in Slovakian newspaper


  1. Hi Willie,

    I am that man from Bratislava – Lamac, you met me and my sousage dog near to Bakosova 2, where you have a friend.

    Take care and good luck, i keep my fingers cossed for you!

    Checking your position regulary.


    1. Hi Patrik…and your sausage dog. Thanks for getting in touch. Are you still thinking about going for a cycle tour yourself?

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