So, do you remember that Shimano #BELIEVE competition I badgered you all about a while ago to get me as many votes as possible for my video entry? Well, all those “Likes” did eventually turn into a bike, a load of kit, a global breakdown assistance service from Shimano…and also a house…in Hungary. Let me explain —>

So there were three lucky winners from the Shimano #BELIEVE competition. Me, a guy called Travis Klok (who I met up with in Rotterdam)

Travis, his SuperCyclingGrandfather and me

and a lady called Julla who lives near Budapest. A few days before I cycled into Budapest I contacted Julla to say I would shortly be getting there and asked if she knew anyone who could help with a place to stay.

She put me in touch with a local cycle club called “Coffee Ride

Coffee Ride

and within minutes I had been invited to their Facebook group and someone had shoved me on to a post asking if anyone could help put me up for a few nights whilst I was in town. A load of replies came in and one lady called Dora said she had an entire house she could give me for a few days.

SCM on Coffee Ride page

I quickly fired back a “YES PLEASE!” and several days later I met up with Dora and her family in Budapest and I have been given my own set of keys and have a house all to myself while I am here.

Super Dora and family

UN-BE-LIEVABLE. The house is currently being refurbished, but there’s everything a smelly cyclist could ask for from a place to stay – a shower, washing machine, bed, cooker, WiFi and a kettle for endless cups of coffee…I make that a full house!


So a HUGE thank you to Dora and her family for giving me an entire house during my time in Budapest. It means I can get a load of work done for the road ahead and the slightly less carefree route I’ll soon be taking across continent number two (Africa) from Cairo to Cape Town.

A HUGE thank you to Coffee Ride for being so helpful in the search for accommodation.

A HUGE thank you to Julla for putting me on to the Coffee Ride gang in the first place.

And a HUGE thanks to you guys for your support, now and all those months back during that voting competition. Part of this house (maybe the chair I am sitting on) is also down to you and I’m HUGELY grateful for it.



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