Music to cycle to – SuperCyclingMan August top-3 tracks

I love listening (and singing along) to music whilst I’m cycling. I’ve got a bottle-shaped speaker called a Scosche Boom Bottle that is definitely one of my favourite things on my bike.

I’m trying to collect a few songs from each country I cycle through and the world mix is slowly growing. I’ve chosen 3 songs that have been whirring around my head a lot in the last month through Italy and Austria. Some you may know already, some you may not be so familiar with.

Sexy als ik dans (Sexy as I dance) – Nielson

I first heard this song in Amsterdam and it’s still one of my favourites to listen to several weeks later. I might even change the lyrics to “sexy als ik fietse” (sexy as I’m cycling).

 The Living Years – Mike and the Mechanics

I’m not quite sure why I’m enjoying listening to this so much. It’s an oldie, but a goodie – especially for karaoke.

This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a ***** – Maroon 5

They played the unedited version of this when I first heard this in Italy and my sensitive English couldn’t quite believe it 🙂 Still, the title of the song was pretty appropriate, so it’s made its way on to the list. Maybe, watch and listen first if you’re reading this with younger children.


Got any songs you think I need to listen to on my BoomBottle to keep a smile on my face as I pedal around the planet? Send in your suggestions to:

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