Things that have made me smile today

1) Spending a night camping next to a field of sweetcorn and NOT getting busted by a farmer in the morning


2) Enjoying a sandwich someone kindly gave me the previous day.


3) A road sign shot to pieces by someone who obviously REALLY didn’t like the 30km speed limit in the area

4) Getting to Parma and realising what a doofus I am having spent my entire life not knowing Parmesan cheese comes from Parma and not just Parma ham. What a city!

5) Being given brilliant directions by a guy (in the Mini) to get me to Pisa avoiding as many energy-sapping mountains as possible… and then also treating me to a coffee.


6) A magical piece of road sign graffiti someone did simply by placing a sticker of an elf on a deer…who carries an elf sticker around with them? Someone gave this some SERIOUS thought!


7) Watching how much fun a group of old men can have (most are just watching) with a simple game of cards


1) Being forced to take a BIG detour due to a broken bridge
2) Rain… a lot of rain
3) Headwind… all day

I will remember the good things

Currently holed up in a bar waiting for a jumbo thunder storm to pass over. I may just stay here though as already done 100km+ today and locals say the rain is not going to stop. Looks like will get to Pisa on Wednesday.

And how about you? What’s made you smile today?

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