Will and Wayne’s excellent adventure

OK. Having said how much I enjoy cycling solo, I have now been cycling with Wayne Van Huyssteen for the last 24 hours. Let the egg meet the face! We’ve bought each other coffees, I gave him some of my melon, he gave me some dates, it’s been a whirlwind bromance! Sorry Dave the Worm. You’ve got some competition!

Looks like we’re heading in the same direction for at least the next 24 hours so will keep you posted on how the bromance develops!

I’ve met some really incredible people in the last 24 hours. Starting with the lovely Krista and her family who made my morning by giving me a coffee from their caravan.

In a ridiculous stroke of luck I crossed paths with a father and son who I had met one year ago at Harewood House at the Tour de Yorkshire. Felix is 12 and is spending his summer cycling from Slovenia to England with his dad. He is carrying a rugby ball on his bike to practise his skills en route, he is cycling over huge mountains, sleeping in hay barns and is raising money for charity. Absolutely inspirational. His Just Giving page is here.

SuperCyclingMan Felix and his Dad

After being treated to lunch by Felix and his dad, I got chatting with Wayne and as we were heading in the same direction down river we headed off together.

Towards dusk we bumped into a hilarious Australian couple who were holidaying in the area. Turns out the guy, Ian, is mayor of a district in Adelaide. I now have a place to stay in Adelaide and promises of a visit to his local winery (in a school!), some local press and even the key to the city when I get there in a couple of years! Ridiculous.


Wayne and I cycled on down the river for a while longer, found a spot in an apple orchard to pitch our tents, shared whatever we had in our bags for dinner on a giant table. Glorious!


Woke up round 6:30am this morning, had breakfast and met an old guy called Hannes from Germany. His bike was covered in stickers from all the mountains he had cycled over. My single Stelvio Pass sticker looked pathetic in comparison!

SuperCyclingMan meets Hannes and his many bike stickers

Just found a cafe in Meran(o) and heading down to Bolzano together with Wayne.

Will and Wayne’s Excellent Adventures (think Bill and Ted’s but on bikes!) continue…EXCELLENT!

SuperCyclingMan and Wayne's adventures

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