From Pacific rowing to superhero fancy dress

I get inspired by all sorts of people around the world taking on various challenges. This month I have really enjoyed these stories:

Anna McNuff map

Anna McNuff

Anna McNuff finished a 7 month long, 1911 mile run on her own from the bottom of New Zealand all the way to the top! Just for an extra challenge, she carried all her own stuff the whole way. Check out the video of her HUGE run here.

Shu Pillinger

Susannah Pillinger

British cyclist Susannah Pillinger became the first ever British female to complete the Race Across America (RAAM). Be sure to read the article and visit Susannah’s very own website here.


Coxless Crew

The 4 women in the Coxless Crew are currently rowing an insanely long way across the Pacific Ocean – over 6 months of rowing in a small boat and over 8,000 miles of paddling. Unbelievable! They recently reached Hawaii for a quick pitstop! Check out their site here.

Superhero Me

Superhero Me

Last month in Singapore they organised a huge superhero fancy dress party. It was a project called “SuperheroMe” all about encouraging children’s creativity and improving their confidence.

I HAVE to get to Singapore in time for next year’s Superhero Fancy dress party in June 2016! 🙂 Watch the video.

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