The day I visited Shimano

It was a bit of a detour, but it seemed only right that I pay a visit to the place that gave me my SuperBike for this big bike ride.

Shimano offices Super cycling man
I went to the SHIMANO European main offices yesterday and they gave me a load of FRESH clothes and some spare parts for my bike. It was like Christmas!

Shimano goodies
It’s amazing to have the support of a big company like Shimano on this world trip. They can send spare parts to me as and when. They’ve also made a video for me as part of their BELIEVE campaign on YouTube that 4000+ people have seen worldwide and has triggered offers of places to stay in South America and all over the place! Amazing.

I’ve only got Shimano’s help because of all your support online though. So, THANK YOU for all your votes in the various competitions I spam you about every now and again. All those clicks do REALLY turn into something amazingly helpful in the end.
It’s stupidly hot in the Netherlands at the moment. 34 degrees yesterday and looks like another scorcher today. Ridiculous tan lines coming on nicely.

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