Evening of Inspiration

Did I actually ride my bike through the Royal Geographical Society last night? Did Alastair Humphreys publicly reveal that he also wore his pants on the outside for a chunk of his round the world bike ride? (We all know it’s the only way to travel!) Did Jamie Mc Donald REALLY take his clothes off on stage? And did someone (Anna McNuff from Anna McNuff – Adventures) also utter the word “Verjayjay” in the hallowed halls of the RGS lecture theatre? Am thinking of rebranding the night from “An Evening of Inspiration” to an “Evening of Revelations”!


What a night! Thank you to everyone who came, laughed, donated, spoke, helped, liked, tweeted…When I get a moment (in between dashing around town doing last minute repairs to my bike, getting some injections and arranging some fairly expensive travel insurance for the next few years) I will let you know exactly how much we raised.


Hoping that people have been inspired to go and sleep on a hill, do a small act of kindness/heroic act each day, discover their own superhero within or support the amazing work that these awesome charities do: World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK), Sustrans, Parkinson’s UK, WWF, World Bicycle Relief and Peace One Day.

It’s my last full day in the UK. Almost blubbed into my muesli this morning. Hold it together SuperCyclingMan! smile emoticon

Farewell drinks at the Duke’s Head in Putney tonight (Saturday May 30th 2015) from 7pm if anyone is around London

…and then it’s off from London to Brighton tomorrow (31st May 2015) to start the “7 Continents World Cycle” from City Hall near Tower Bridge. Meet midday for a picnic and then off at 1pm:https://www.facebook.com/events/535210793288142/ Come along (in superhero costumes, on bikes if you want to take it to the next level)! The more, the merrier! smile emoticon


As for riding my bike through the Royal Geographical Society last night….


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