YOU CAN’T TOUCH THIS! SuperCyclingMan NFC bracelet launches website – no typing required

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So, you want to know where I’ve got to in the world in my pants and cape on my bike on my 7 Continents World Cycle?…

All you gotta do is get hold of a SuperCyclingMan bracelet and place it near a phone or tablet that has NFC (most new devices have this) and it will instantly take to you to my website where you can hopefully see a little dot on a map showing my exact location along with a few photos and videos of what the people and places in the area look like…no typing of website addresses required! Just tap your ‘SuperBracelet’ on your smartphone/tablet and it launches the website for you automatically on your device! Now that’s magic!

Email me at if you would like one of these bracelets to track me round the world for the next 5 years (!)

Yours for just £1 (plus P+P) – 25p going to the 6 charities I am supporting with my world cycle and 25p keeping me in kebabs and coffee to get round the world 🙂

Bulk orders very much accepted! 🙂 I’ve got 10,000 of these to sell (gulp!)

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