Last weekend I threw my friend on a bus… and this happened…

Earlier this month I threw my new best friend (a folding bike called Danny the Dahon) on to a bus to get from my flat in London to a friend’s wedding in Cornwall.

Danny the Dahon folding bike

London to Cornwall

I thought I’d combine the wedding weekend with a bit of a biking #microadventure around the area. The Cornish coastline is a beautiful bit of the world to explore and one afternoon Danny and I escaped in the direction of a place called Looe, mainly because my childish sense of humour liked the name Looe. Sometimes it is as much about the destination as it is about the journey!

We saw spectacular scenery…

Cracking Cornish coastline

…went up and down some steep hills…

14% - WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

…got a bit lost, did a bit of gnarly* off-roading (Watch the 15 second video here! Eat your heart out Danny McAskill!)

*not at all really

…bumped into a monkey sanctuary (it’s amazing what you get to see on a bike!)

A monkey sanctuary? In Cornwall?


…and finally stopped in the beautiful fishing village of Looe.

Lovely Looe



In the Looe!

The following day, Danny and I had a second #microadventure planned to cycle from Downderry back to the bus station in Plymouth.

We were just about to reach Plymouth when I saw a couple of ladies walking on the roadside.

Margie & Nancy - HEROES!

When I first caught sight of them I thought they were local golfers with metal poles in their hands and peaked caps on. It was pretty early on a Sunday morning, not many people around, so we started chatting and the two ladies turned out not actually to be golfers, but walkers with poles who were just finishing a month long walking adventure along the Cornish coastline. They had been using this nice-looking guide book from Trailblazers and had had a fantastic time enjoying great food and good UK hospitality (good to hear that exists!).

My superhero senses detected a bit of an accent on them and they said they were from Australia. Turns out that these retired ladies had gone on some kind of walking adventure every year since 2005. They had walked the Camino de Santiago, the Inca trail, gone across Switzerland, done numerous walks back home in Australia (including the Cape to Cape and along the Great Ocean Road) and were just hours away from completing their month-long walk from Bude to Plymouth where they were going to celebrate with some champagne on the steps of a local monument.

I liked their style and felt totally inspired by these two ladies who were getting out there, enjoying what they loved doing, seeing great things, enjoying fantastic food and getting up close and personal with people and places all over the world. So inspired in fact that I hope they can be guest speakers via Skype at an upcoming HEROES NIGHT fundraising event I’m organising in London on November 21st featuring inspirational speakers from all around the world. Come along and buy a ticket for it if you like!

Heroes Night 2

Because to me, people like this are heroes. Not in the sense that they’ve saved anyone’s life or beat up any bad guys. Just people who are grabbing life by the scruff of the neck and not just saying “I’d LOVE to do that one day” but actually getting out there and doing it…and daring to live out their dreams. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Wise words

Going on adventures is a hell of a lot of fun and it isn’t some kind of exclusive club. You don’t have to be a heavily-bearded man from a wealthy background and an adventure certainly doesn’t mean you have take 3 years cycling round the world in a superhero costume…although if you want to do that, good for you 🙂

If you’re a busy parent in London you could get your adventure fix by cycling from Southfields to the South Bank. I LOVED a recent adventure I heard about where 3 retired ladies, having travelled on every single London bus, had now taken up a new challenge of visiting every London museum! You can watch them on the BBC News here. What a great adventure that is!

If I dare to change the immortal words of the famous/cheesey 1980s Martini advert (get that TV out of the sea someone!), adventure can be enjoyed “any time, any place, anywhere”…and by anybody. You can make every day into an adventure if you want to. For me it’s all about living your life adventurously, about setting yourself challenges and saying a BIG FAT YES to life and making your dreams (whatever they may be) reality…and I’m completely addicted to doing just that.

Please let me know in the comments below:

1) about any adventures (past/present/future) that you’d recommend

and 2) who your heroes are that inspire you.

Happy adventuring! #WeCanAllBeHeroes

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