SuperCyclingMan reports on Russell Smith’s World Record attempt on a Spacehopper 27.7.14

SuperCyclingMan reports on Russell Smith's World Record attempt on a Spacehopper 27.7.14

On July 26th 2014, Russell Smith from England bounced his way into the record books by travelling 4.2 miles on a Spacehopper. The previous record was 4.1 miles. Russell Smith had set off at 1am on his birthday and bounced his way around St James’ Park, London (with a few rest breaks!) for approximately 14 hours. As well as a personal challenge, Russell was also completing this bonkers bouncing feat to raise money for the charity Balls To Cancer

The Spacehopper record is for the most distance covered in 24 hours. Top bouncing Russell you fundraising superhero you!

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