WARNING! Reading this may change your life!

Last week I decided to make a rather late New Year’s resolution. I decided to sell my car, my motorbike (who I am kidding, it’s a moped!)


and I would get around by bike or public transport instead. April is quite late in the year for making New Year’s resolutions I know, but I’m a firm believer that you can make a resolution any time you want! It was a trip to Guernsey that caused me to make this unusually late and large resolution. I had been flown over (I decided not to take the surf bike!) to give a talk for the Guernsey Bicycle Group to liven up their AGM.

Guernsey AGM

After the talk, I had a few days to explore the island and it really was a paradise for getting around by bike. Hardly any hills to tire you out, no speeding traffic as there was a maximum 35mph speed limit everywhere and it was about 25 miles to get around the whole island. So I really did cycle pretty well everywhere I needed to go. It made me think about how I got around London and I figured if I could cycle all those small journeys in Guernsey, then why couldn’t I cycle to the shops, to work, to see my friends in London? The distances were just as short and it was certainly just as flat as Guernsey. So, my car and motorbike (sorry, scooter) are up for sale.

Last week was also the return to school after the Easter break and I told the children about my late New Year’s resolution and we all made some resolutions for what changes we could make in our last term together of this academic year: “I will try my hardest with all my work”, “I will look after my friends if they are hurt” and my favourite “I will listen carefully to the teacher.”

I think making positive changes, like making resolutions, is a good thing to do, whatever the time of year. Maybe after reading this little blogette, you might make your own ridiculously late New Year’s resolution too?…

Need some ideas?

1) Try getting everywhere by human power (walking, cycling). Do you really need to use a car for the journey you are making. For inspiration, see Sarah Outen’s human-powered journey around the world 

2) Do one superheroic deed a day – this does not mean lifting a car or climbing buildings! More like a small superheroic act, like an act of kindness, like buying someone a drink, giving up your seat on the bus…those small things can make a really BIG difference to someone’s day.

3) Go alcohol free for a week (this just in from my flatmate fresh back from a stag weekend!)

4) Do something that scares you every day – a good one from Al Humphreys

5) Commit to saving £x a month for your own next adventure.

Let me know how you get with your own “Late in the year resolutions”!

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