If you’d like to help keep me going on this 5 year-long bike journey that will take me across all 7 continents that would be AMAZING.

Food and drink are my biggest costs, so if you’d like to buy me some bread and bananas (possibly my two favourite foods that I always try to have with me on the bike) here’s how you can help:

1)Make a contribution on PayPal


2) Buy some SuperCyclingMan postcards

I am sending these to people from the 7 different continents in the world that I will travel to

1 postcard from one continent is £10 or 7 postcards is £50

If you would like me to send you a postcard from around the world, send me an email at


Buy some SuperCyclingMan bracelets


One bracelet costs £1, so if you buy 10 of these bracelets, that will easily pay for all of my food and drink for a whole day on the road.

Thanks to some press studs on the bracelets, the size is adjustable and they can fit most children’s and adults’ wrists.

Buy 50 bracelets and I’ll send you (actually I won’t, but my Dad will!) a limited edition gold-coloured bracelet for free.

Buy your SuperCyclingMan bracelets here

PLEASE NOTE this “Buy me some bread and bananas” money is purely for keeping my journey going.

If you’d like to make a donation to the charities I am raising money for, this money is completely separate and you can make a charity donation on my online giving page at

Who is Super Cycling Man?

My name is Will Hodson and I am Super Cycling Man. I am embarking on a 5-year cycling adventure that will take me 100,000km across all 7 continents of the world (including Antartica). I will be doing all of this dressed as a superhero!

My goal is to raise £100,000 to support the amazing work done by The World Cancer Research Fund, Parkinson’s UK, World Bicycle Relief and Sustrans. I’m also aiming to inspire children, adults, in fact everyone I meet along the way to get out on their bikes and have an adventure.


Super Stories

I just cycled from London to Bangkok…in a superhero costume!

by SuperCyclingMan July 9, 2017

A 4 minute video summing up what it’s been like for the last 2 years cycling from London to Bangkok…in a superhero costume! I’d REALLY appreciate it if you watched it, shared it with your friends and subscribed to my…

Thai monk tells me great joke!

by SuperCyclingMan July 11, 2017

Got a good joke of your own? Please send it in a comment below.

What’s been the WORST bit of cycling around the world?

by SuperCyclingMan June 13, 2017

A video for Furzedown School in London who are learning all about "AMAZING JOURNEYS". If your school wants to get in touch with me about my world cycle (I can make a personalised video for you or we can arrange…

Help Super Cycling Man

Please help me on this record-breaking challenge by donating whatever amount you can.

Together we can reach the £100,000 goal and help support the incredible work that each of the Supercyclingman charities do every single day.



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Ask Super Cycling Man a question

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